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August 3, 2012

‘Sculling Sloth’ isn’t the Olympic Spirit #rowing #olympics #sham

Filed under: Politics,Sports — Chris Chaten @ 4:46 PM

NBC has been covering the Niger rower Hamadou Djibo with great empathy.  The puff piece featured story talks longingly about the progression of sport and developing role models for future generations of athletes from these developing countries.

I think these stunts are a complete joke.

Djibo just started rowing 3 months ago.  That’s not development; that’s a game show.

Remember the swimmer from Equatorial Guinea in the 2000 Olympics  who took up the sport 8 months before the games?  What a great inspiration he was to those kids who are now hitting their swimming prime!  Where are all of the 20 year old Equatorial Guinea swimming stars?

That’s right, there are none.  Because when you go on a world stage and make a mockery of the effort of the other athletes, you inspire no one.

Swimming 100m slower than the other athletes can swim 200m is a joke.  Finishing a 2000m row in 9 minutes is a joke.  If you want to inspire, train hard for a year. Hit some basic time standards of competency.  Share you experience back home.

That’s inspirational.

Showing the world your countries’ ‘best’ is 3 months of half-hearted training isn’t doing anyone a favor.


May 2, 2012

Most Successful Coach in NCAA History Retires #kenyon #swimming #d3

Filed under: Sports — Chris Chaten @ 1:57 PM

Jim Steen, head swimming coach at Kenyon College, is stepping down after a decorated 37 year tenure.  In those 37 years, he led the Lords and Ladies to 50 NCAA titles, including a men’s streak that lasted for 31 years.*

Congratulations to Coach Steen on the great career.  It’s the end of an era for small college swimming.

Article from Kenyon College


*Steen took sabbatical during 2 of those titles.

April 18, 2012

An Open Letter to NHL Owners From a Hockey Parent |

Filed under: Sports — Chris Chaten @ 4:13 PM

There’s really not much more to add. A sport like hockey can stand on its own. Fighting devalues a beautiful game.

“While the transparency of the Department of Player Safety started out refreshing, it has devolved into an outright sham. When players see nasty penalties being committed without repercussion, they take matters into their own hands, as was the case in Philadelphia the other night. When players can act like goons of the past without fearing any real repercussions, it only encourages more violence.”

An Open Letter to NHL Owners From a Hockey Parent from Wired


April 9, 2012

Tattoo Grammar Check: Arizona State QB Brock Osweiler

Filed under: Sports — Chris Chaten @ 6:15 PM

Well, I guess there’s a reason he went to ASU.

“Live Life to it’s Fullest.” Yup…


January 11, 2012

John Parr’s Updated Classic: Tim Tebow’s Fire #tebow #stelmosfire

Filed under: Movies / TV / Media,Sports — Chris Chaten @ 3:49 PM

So this isn’t a parody, technically. John Parr, of “St. Elmo’s Fire” fame, recreated his 80s hit to pay homage to the great Tim Tebow. Yes, Tim Tebow mania has officially reached a peak.

I think Parr missed a reference to the old “St. Elmo” at about 2:24, though it may have been intentional. Changing the line to “I can feel Tim Tebow’s fire burning in me” could me misconstrued to mean something Rick Santorum wouldn’t approve of.