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January 2, 2011

Is J.Crew Trying to Spam Me to Death?

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When I sign up for an email list, I expect to receive timely notices of sales and promotions from time to time.  However, most retailers have taken to abusing this practice.  This holiday season, J.Crew took it to the point of absurdity.

Over the past 62 days, I have received 50 emails from J.Crew.  They all have a subject line that says something like,  “We typically charge about 30% more than our clothes are really worth.”  The conspiracy theorist in me surmises they were trying to pump-up revenue before they sold themselves to a private equity firm.

Take a look at a filtered shot of what J.Crew has sent me since November 1.  You might have to click on the image to see all of the dates an offers.

J.Crew Email Spam

Getting one of these everyday with nothing new to offer makes me tune all of them out pretty quickly.  J.Crew emails no longer go to my Blackberry. I’ve filtered them out.  I rarely check the emails that don’t go there.

I promise to keep Stodgy honest and courteous in our email policy.  We don’t run traditional sales, so this kind of spam isn’t helpful.

We have a few thoughts on how discounts should work, and I’ll be posting those over the next few months.  But I assure you, it won’t be based around a 28 email a month spam campaign.


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December 3, 2010

Grape Nuts & Stodgy Sweatshirts

Filed under: Clothing,Marketing & Advertising — Chris Chaten @ 12:34 PM

What do a box of Grape Nuts and a Stodgy hoodie have in common?

They’ll both hold a place in your home for years to come.

Grape Nuts will sit in your cupboard because you bought them on a momentary heath-nut whim. But they are gross, so you’ll never finish the box.

The Stodgy will find a home in your closet for a long time because it’s really well-made.


November 30, 2010

A Few Updates to the Site

Filed under: Business,Clothing,Technology & Internet — Chris Chaten @ 12:34 PM

The website is and will always be an ongoing work. Two areas needing clarity were the shipping and returns policy, and a place to go for more details on the sweatshirts.

We’ve added both of these sections.

For shipping, check here.  Hopefully the policy is pretty clear.  If you are unhappy, returns are 100% accepted.  No time limit, no catch.  We don’t have a good way to refund the additional return shipping fee you’ll incur, but we can work something out if that’s a deal breaker.  Exchanges are free as well.  We’ll take off the return shipping fees there (we’ll refund the balance to your card).

For more details on the sweatshirts, check here.  This is intended to provide a few more specifics on the details.  It’s nothing overly fancy, just a few highlights in an interactive format. Let me know if there’s anything on that page you like to see added, changed, modified, etc.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, and thanks for reading.


(Our logo also got a cool Santa hat!)

November 25, 2010

How Thankful Am I?

Filed under: Clothing,Politics — Chris Chaten @ 1:09 AM

On Stodgy’s first Thanksgiving, I’d like to thank all of you for the support over the past year. How thankful am I for you?

Take the quiz to find out:

Thank you…

…for reading the blog. (+3 pt for checking in occasionally, +10 pts for adding it to your RSS feed)

…for sending your friends and frienimies the link. (+3 pts each)

…for buying a sweatshirt. (+15 pts each)

…for gifting a sweatshirt to a loved one. (+25 pts)

…for valuing quality over quantity. (+5 pts)

…for following @chrischaten or @stodgyclothes on twitter. (+10 pts each)

…for understanding issues are usually more complex than as portrayed in the media. (+5 pts)

…for being your authentic self and living with conviction. (+15 pts or just as valuable as buying a hoodie)

Your score:
0 – 5 pts – the dirty dishes that need cleaned.
6 – 15 pts – Mashed Potatoes.
16 – 30 pts – Stuffing.
31+ pts – Turkey.

Enjoy the day. I hope you can share it and a good meal with family and friends.


November 8, 2010

Stodgy to Donate 25% of Week’s Sales to the Yellow Ribbon Fund #veteransday

Filed under: Business,Clothing — Chris Chaten @ 7:17 PM

This Thursday is Veterans Day in the USA.  To help honor our soldiers, Stodgy will donate 25% of all sales from now through 11:59 PM CT, Sunday, November 14 to the Yellow Ribbon Fund.

The Yellow Ribbon Fund helps by providing basics like hotel rooms, rental cars, and activities for the injured soldiers and their families.  While whatever we raise will be small in comparison, hopefully it’ll make at least one soldier’s life a bit easier.


Read more about the Yellow Ribbon Fund here.

(Stodgy is not affiliated in any way with the Yellow Ribbon Fund)