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April 8, 2021

Arbitration Agreement Construction Contract

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There is usually no appeal of an arbitrator`s decision. This is mainly because appeals generate considerable costs and delays, exactly the things that arbitration is designed to avoid. If a party believes that an arbitrator has made an error of law or misinformed facts, it will be very difficult for the disgruntled party to pursue an appeal of the arbitrator`s award. The only real basis for asking a court to overturn an arbitrator`s decision is fraud (the arbitrator took a bribe), bias (the arbitrator clearly showed a hasty preference over one of the parties), or that the arbitrator decided an issue that did not go into the scope of the arbitration. These bases rarely exist and are even less detectable. Most contractors simply consider the clause to be enforceable and therefore believe that their only recourse is before an arbitration tribunal. But the reality is that many of these clauses are unenforceable due to inadequate design. A compromise clause in a construction contract can take many forms, ranging from a simplistic statement that the parties agree to refer to arbitration any dispute that arises between them, to a more detailed agreement that not only includes the consensus of the parties to resolve disputes, but also describes the existing arbitration legislation on how to appoint the arbitrator. , the seat and arbitration rules, as well as the procedures to be adopted by the parties to the trial.

(optional) Breakdown of fees and fees: The arbitrator may, in the award, award all or part of the costs of arbitration, including the arbitrator`s fees and the reasonable legal fees of the party in power. Explore your St. Petersburg contract attorney to see the official limits of the florida compromise clause. There are some requirements that may differ depending on the state, but are usually that: arbitration clauses can be complex and misleading, so consult an attorney in St. Petersburg to determine if the arbitration clause in your contract is binding. If your arbitration clause is applicable, your lawyer can help you conduct the arbitration.

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