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April 8, 2021

Collective Agreement Uwindsor

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Magna Integram Windsor Seating employees voted 60% in favour of the new three-year contract. He believes it is a good collective agreement for members. “After absorbing the whole package, I hope they will realize that they have obtained a good collective agreement,” explains D`Agnolo. “If it`s best, absolutely not, but if it`s a good contract, yes, yes, to preserve Integram`s future in Windsor, Essex County, I think it`s important.” e) If a member`s normal salary for the year in question is less than the minimum wage applicable to his rank, it is increased to the minimum before the application of clauses A.2 c) and A.2 (d) , depending on the applicable nature. A.4 On July 1 of each academic year, after the implementation of possible salary adjustments in accordance with Article C (anomaly), A.2 g) or Article P (Windsor Salary Standard), the order of calculation of general increases, If such increases apply, if, after five (5) years spent as a teacher, assistant, librarian I, librarian II, AAS I or AAS II , such a member has not reached the rank immediately higher, that member may not receive a salary above the ceiling of his rank or the amount received during the fifth year, according to the highest amount. After the aforementioned five years, the calculation of that member`s normal salary is subject to the pay differentials of all compensation adjustments made by other sections of the collective agreement. The parties agree that the provisions of this clause do not apply to the faculty member or librarian-designate until January 1, 1999. . A.1 a) The parties expect that members appointed to the ranks of the teacher, assistant professor, associate professor, librarian I, librarian II, Librarian III, AAS I, AAS II and AAS III will take advantage of their appointment to begin and advance their professional careers, and that these ranks are not considered members of the bargaining unit. The initial treatment of members named in these series for the duration of this agreement is negotiated in the areas listed in Table A.1.

Full professors, associate professors, librarian IV, librarian III, AAS IV and AAS III, who earn 1.75 times the minimum wage for their respective grades, will receive 50% of the PTR supplements. If you earn 2.00 times the minimum wage for your respective grade, you receive 0% of the PTR supplements. Vice President Mike D`Agnolo says the deal involves a lump sum payment, pay increases in years 2 and 3, as well as performance improvements and improvements to the growth network. A.3 The nominal salary of each faculty and professional librarian on sabbatical is increased in accordance with clauses A.2 c) and A.2 (d), depending on the applicable nature. (d) the normal salary of each full-time faculty, a professional librarian, an adjunct academic staff and a meeting teacher are plus the following percentages for the schedule, the dollar amounts for the PTRs referred to in Table A.2.d, with the exception of meeting physicians who are recruited in accordance with Section 55 after July 1, 2011 and who receive 80.49 per cent of the amount indicated for RPP. All teacher grades, librarians and ASAs, including the university professor (g) On July 1, 2017, the nominal salary of each full-time faculty, a professional librarian, a university high school staff and a meeting teacher will be increased by a basic adjustment instead of the Windsor Salary standard for 2017-18 by two thousand and fifty dollars ($1,250).

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