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April 11, 2021

Rmc Collective Agreement

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We are pleased to inform you that the new collective agreement has been signed by all parties. The employer confirms that the collective agreement came into effect on August 30, 2019, although it may take some time to be published online. Many provisions of the previous collective agreement are still in force and members can consult the preliminary agreement until the new version is published. THE members of the CMCFA will vote on the ratification of the new collective agreement. Details are included below. A review of the 2009/2010 permanent offer invoices revealed shipping, parking, training, conference, medical and internet expenses, none of which was in the standing offer or part of the estimated costs in the employment contracts. voice. During the recent university teaching process, members were discussed and the resulting collective higher education agreement, Appendix D, authorized the acquisition of certain memberships through the use of funds for higher education, without the need to obtain the Vice Minister`s requests for dissemination in advance. Membership in the business must always be pre-approved, in accordance with the Deputy Minister`s instructions, as was the case with the RMCC, and continues to be monitored/notified. Under the collective agreement, on August 1, 2011 at the latest, in consultation with the Canadian Association of Military Colleges Faculty, CDA, Comptroller RMCC and other agencies, detailed guidelines for expenditures on the allocation of professional development actions and reimbursement procedures will be published in writing through the Rector`s Office. The principal RMCC is also responsible and responsible for full compliance with the membership policy and the use of professional development allocation funds. voice. Measures have already been finalized to ensure that appropriate agreement and financial authority are obtained and properly documented prior to the start of the contract.

All CDA contracts, which exceed $5,000, are included in the CDMS. CMCFA members voted in favour of ratifying the interim agreement on the new collective agreement online and at the RMCSJ and RMC meetings on 13 and 14 August 2019, respectively.

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