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April 11, 2021

Salesforce Professional Services Agreement

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“Public cloud infrastructure” refers to the cloud public infrastructure hosting services used for addendum services. While there are additional terms and conditions in a Salesforce professional consulting contract (confidentiality, dispute resolution, etc.), these are seven key issues to address in your agreements, whether they are project specific or created as MSAs with project employment contracts and modification contracts. Non-responsibility: Salesforce┬« is a registered trademark of, Inc., as well as other names and trademarks. In the event that the SFDC terminates the contract because the reseller is the subject of a bankruptcy application or other bankruptcies, liquidations or divestitures to creditors or resellers ceases the ordinary current transaction (each of which would be an “End of Operations Event” reseller), SDC will continue to provide you with OEM and SFDC services will not take the steps it has initiated itself. to (a) remove the reseller application of SFDC systems or (b) block your access to the reseller application via OEM services for the remainder of your current order period at the reseller (the “transitional period”), provided that: (i) you pay SFDC in advance for all costs incurred by the SFDC reseller for OEM services on a separate order between you and the SFDC; (ii) they remain in compliance with this SFDC service contract; (iii) You have the legal right to continue your access and use of the reseller application after an end-of-operation event through a written agreement with the dealer or successor in the interest – or as a result – of the end of the transaction event; and (iv) there is no “SFDC service” refers to the online and web service that is generally made available to the public via and/or other specific sites, including associated offline components, but without third-party applications. For the purposes of this SFDC service agreement, the SFDC service does not contain the platform. Whether you have an existing contract to review or need a new contract, Business Contracts Lawyer Mike Young has experience with Salesforce Consulting Services Agreements. For starters, you can still set up a telephone consultation with him today on our company`s online booking system.

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