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April 12, 2021

Settlement Agreement In Dutch

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As a general rule, the parties cannot rely on fraud or misrepresentation after an agreement has been reached. As a result, a transaction contract can rarely be reversed, adjusted or terminated. The rule: “What has been determined is determined.” It is therefore of the utmost importance that you really understand the agreements that will be included in the colony. If you accept the transaction agreement, you will sign it and commit under the terms of the contract. On the agreed date, your employment ends and your employer pays you an agreed compensation. You will most likely retain your existing right to unemployment compensation. An employer cannot force you to sign a transaction agreement; It`s always your choice. In addition, the following agreements may be considered: If the worker is exempt from work for the remainder of the employment contract; B for example, laptop, phone); If the worker is maintained under a non-competition clause or a non-compete clause after the end of the employment contract. Example of billing agreement: If you need a billing contract for example, you can download an example here. Be sure to include in the settlement agreement the provision of a 14-day cooling-off period for the worker (i.e.

the written termination agreement provided for in Article 7, Section 670 ter of the Dutch Civil Code). This cooling-off period is mandatory and is extended by one week if this is not written in the termination agreement. During this cooling-off period, the employee has the right to terminate the termination contract. It is possible to enter into a safe compensation contract for unemployment benefits if they are pregnant. The only difference is when you are sick because of your pregnancy. However, it is not recommended to accept a redundancy proposal with your employer too quickly. That is, because of your pregnancy, you will have fewer opportunities in job interviews. Since you also have additional protection against termination because of your pregnancy, it is often possible to regulate better than your employer proposes.

This may include, for example, the postponement of your leave date after maternity leave or an increase in severance pay. The dismissal specialist`s lawyers/lawyers are often able to do so. If you are pregnant and are involved in the termination, call us or email us. In the Netherlands, workers are offered exit contracts if they are made redundant or are unintentionally unemployed. The Amsterdam-based law firm WS Advocaten specializes in advising expatriates on Dutch transaction and termination contracts. In general, the final discharge is the settlement agreement to be concluded. In this section, employers and employees confirm that once the SA agreements have been passed, there are no other rights against each other. The aim is to put a definitive end, as far as possible, to the relationship between the employer and the worker within the SA and to ensure that no open items are left outside the SA. These conditions may include agreements (but not limited) on: the date on which your employment contract ends, with respect to leave pay, days off, payment of unpaid wages, confidentiality and non-competition clauses, as well as additional severance pay that the employer may offer.

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