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April 14, 2021

Well Certification Agreement

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WELL BRONZE: 40 POINTS – A new version of THE WELL v2 certification was developed only as part of Core and Shell certification based on IWBI`s experience with WELL and pilot projects. Given that owners of non-office buildings (industrial buildings, hospitals, schools, retail, residential buildings, multifunctional projects, etc.) have also expressed an interest in WELL certification, a new flexible WELL v2 certification system has been put in place to adapt the choice of certification level and credits to the nature and possibilities of the project. This has created a certification system in which any project that meets the required requirements and the corresponding number of credits can participate. The criteria for the online tool automatically change when the project is pre-registered after entering the basic settings. In 2018, three other concepts were added to the seven originals: acoustics, materials and community. As a result, there are now two versions of the certification: Well v1 and Well v2. The WELL Building standard is the latest performance-based building certification available for new and existing businesses worldwide. The International Well Building Institute (IWBI) has assembled a team of doctors, scientists and practitioners to develop and evaluate the standard`s performance criteria. The standard uses seven concepts to define health and well-being in the built environment.

WELL-certified buildings or rental properties will have a measurable impact on the health, well-being and enjoyment of users. It will, among other things, ensure better performance of people in the workplace and contribute to prosperity throughout the company. State-of-the-art LEED or BREEAM Buildings certifications will also create a very valuable concept for building sustainability. For each WELL building certification, a trained WELL assessor must be awarded by the GBCI certification body. The GIS engineering team fulfills the evaluator qualifications of a third party and thus has the technical skills to help you in the application part. If you know that your advisor also works as a certification officer, you can be sure that your application is strong. Budgeting upgrades and measuring the feasibility of WELL certification on your existing facility is not an easy or quick task. SIG offers long-standing construction consulting experience for quick and accurate identification of preconditions as well as optimization avenues. We work with your goals and your budget to adapt specific strategies, to obtain the WELL certification that best serves your unique occupant profile. “The growth is incredible.

The same trend is observed in other European countries, such as France and the United Kingdom. You can also see the large number of wellness conferences held around the world. The interest is huge.┬áThe growing interest of developers in the “Green Building” certification (sometimes called LEED or BREEAM Green Buildings) poses new challenges for the design and operation of all types of buildings – administrative, commercial, industrial or residential centres.

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