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September 12, 2021

Biltmore Agreement

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The press led the intelligence services to stop providing news broadcasts to radio stations, which then developed their own information-gathering facilities. In response, the press launched political, economic and legal campaigns to prevent messages from being broadcast on the radio, culminating in the Biltmore agreement, which forced major networks to severely limit radio coverage. However, the channels were quick to undermine the terms of this agreement, including the use of newly created news agencies, such as the Transradio Press Service. In the third phase, print journalists had to find ways to prevent and limit the development of broadcasting. The “attack” on broadcasting took three forms: political lobbying, economic boycott and legal action. Meanwhile, others appreciated the Biltmore agreement for the solution of “the embarrassing, wasted and branched antagonism between the news press and the radio.” The deal failed within a few years, when newspapers discovered how profitable owning radio stations could be.

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