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September 15, 2021

Company May Conclude Agreement

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In the context of collective bargaining, a draft contract is being prepared. Provisions of a training contract that are contrary to this code, the collective agreement and/or agreements are ineffective and are not applicable. The acts of the parties to collective disputes or to agreements and recommendations, which are concluded and accepted in the context of the settlement of such disputes, shall be drawn up as minutes by the representatives of the parties to collective labour disputes, the conciliation committees and the strike unit. The organization`s internal working rules are usually an addendum to the collective agreement. Labour dispute is an unexplained controversy between workers (their representatives) and employers (their representatives), the definition and modification of working conditions (including a wage), the conclusion, modification and execution of contracts, agreements and the employer`s refusal to take into account the opinion of a workers` electoral representation unit for the adoption of laws that contain labour law standards. within organizations. The ability of the parties to conclude the individual contract of employment is an essential condition for the validity of that act. The capacity of the natural or legal person is analysed either in terms of the capacity to use – a general and abstract capacity to have rights and duties – or, in the capacity to exercise, the capacity to exercise his rights and obligations by the commission of legal acts. However, this capacity must be analysed from the point of view of both parties, taking into account the rights and obligations they have and assume by signing the individual employment contract. In accordance with this code, laws, other standard legal acts, collective agreement, agreements, standard local laws that contain labor law standards and the employment contract, the employer is obliged to create conditions for the maintenance of work discipline by workers. The interests of workers in collective bargaining on the conclusion and amendment of agreements, the settlement of collective disputes on the conclusion or amendment of agreements, the exercise of control over their implementation, as well as the establishment of commissions to regulate industrial and labour relations and carry out their activities, shall be dealt with by the competent trade unions, their territorial organizations, trade unions and trade union organizations. If the results of a probation period are negative, an employment contract is terminated without taking into account the opinion of a union and without payment of final wages.

If a worker refuses to continue to perform his professional duties because of the change of ownership of the organisation, the employment contract shall be terminated in accordance with Article 77(6) of this Code. The executive body of the subject of the Russian Federation shall draw up and approve, on the basis of lists of minimum requirements (services) drawn up and approved by the respective federal executives in agreement with the respective territorial associations of trade union organizations (trade union organizations), territorial lists of the minimum benefits required, indicating the content and definition of the minimum necessary benefits (services) in the territory of the respective subject of the Russian Federation. In accordance with the agreement, once the procedures necessary for the entry into force of the agreement have been established, the parties will establish a consortium and negotiate with a competent authority of the Republic of Kazakhstan in order to qualify for exploration and production in the block. The procedures for the examination of a collective dispute by the Mediator are determined by the agreement of the parties with the Mediator. Workers who have concluded an employment contract for a period of two months shall be granted leave or compensation in the amount of two working days per month. .

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