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October 6, 2021

Separation Agreement And Judicial Separation

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Legal separation procedure Legal separation is opened by a spouse (then called a “petitioner”) who, together with the corresponding legal costs, files a document called a petition. The petition sets out the details of the marriage, the parties, any children and the reasons for the legal separation. The court “issues” the application, stamps it and sends a copy to your spouse (then called a “defendant”). If there is a designated third party, it is called a “co-respondent”. Confirmation of service When the defendant receives the petition, he must complete a form called confirmation of service to confirm that he has received it and return it to the court within seven days. The court sends a copy to the applicant. Separation without rupture of body contested and undisputed If the defendant accepts legal separation, this separation is qualified as separation of unsworn or undisputed legal separation. . .

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