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October 11, 2021

The Four Agreements Business

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Design your business to use these principles, and it`s easy to make it a brand. If you run your own business, build your own brand based on these tenants. If you`re part of a larger company, build the brand as a reliable, customer-centric brand. It seems obvious, but this deal is the key to a happy life and a successful career. It is also important to stick to the other three agreements. It`s easy to engage in mistakes and condemn yourself for not meeting certain standards. But if you always do your best, you can still feel good about what you`re doing, whether or not you`re aiming for a particular goal. To do your best is to take full care of what you do in every moment – to be fully alive and present. This is something that Ruiz says you can always accomplish. But when I reread the book this weekend, I was again impressed by its relevance to the business environment. If you could free the elements of Aquarius from its core philosophy, you could agree on the essential principles that should describe the behavior of the most effective leader, a strategic creative thinker, or an ideal team member.

If you start practicing all four chords for the first time, you`ll probably break them. It`s normal and predictable, Ruiz says. The more you practice them and the more you avoid the erroneous agreements that you may have set for yourself in the past, the better you will respect the four agreements that succeed. Tenacious in orienting towards the four agreements, and they will soon become good habits that govern your life. An agreement is “A faith that we create for ourselves or a faith that we accept for ourselves because someone else has the opinion.” Examples of chords are: “I`m too fat,” “You don`t like me,” and “I can`t sing.” The four agreements aim to ensure that your agreements are not broken because of you and that you are attentive to what you say and do. This is the case for businesses, as word of mouth can be either positive or toxic. The right decision for the wrong reason can cause more damage than the wrong decision for the wrong reasons. One may be wrong that it is right as a whole, the other is (usually) wrong. Each agreement applies to companies in different ways and at different levels. Hello, Jarek! My name is Raquel Benavidez. I take care of the formation of the corporation for the four agreements with Ruiz and Amber Allan editions.

I would like to talk to you. Thank you for writing this article. I believe that these agreements can significantly change our business culture and improve our functioning, both in our professional and personal lives. My email address is I look forward to hearing from you. Believe it or not, the old shaman wisdom may have its place in the business world. We believe that business is governed by logic and reason, and that is true most of the time. But business also has a spiritual side.

The best businessmen are trustworthy, courageous and open-minded people who work well with others. They keep their promises and don`t make promises they can`t keep. When it comes to business, this deal is first and foremost a golden nugget for managing trolls on social media, both personally and professionally. Those who are trying to commit or are rewarding do so because of their situation, not you. Shortly after the accident, I had a difficult business meeting where I responded to criticism and comments from others. Now, months later, when the same people say similar things, I understand that it`s related to them, not to me…

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