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October 11, 2012

This Attack Ad Against @RepDold by @Schneider4IL10 Represents the Worst of US Politics

Filed under: Marketing & Advertising,Politics — Chris Chaten @ 6:50 PM

A local race for Illinois 10th district congress seat is heating up, and the TV ads are stepping up.  Most of what I’ve seen, until today, have been position ads for a candidate.  Today, there were multiple attack ads.

Now, I’m for these, as the records are fair game.  However, Brad Schneider’s ad is a complete farce.  His opponent, incumbent Robert Dold (R), is notable for being a Republican with fairly moderate to progressive social views.  For example, he supports civil unions.

Take a look at what the ad says about Planned Parenthood:*

“They voted to defund Planned Parenthood…”

I’m all for fighting on level ground, but that’s a flat lie. In fact, Dold introduced a bill in May 2012 that would prevent cutting funding to Planned Parenthood.  Dold believes the exact opposite of what Schneider says in the ad.  And you wonder why the parties can’t work together.  They won’t even accept it when they agree!

This ad does more than distort the facts about outsourcing or using creative math about unemployment rates.  It flat lies.  I don’t vote for liars.


*Sorry for the poor quality, couldn’t find an online version.



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