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November 7, 2012

WSJ Follow-up to #Peterffy Ads #election2012

Filed under: Business,Economics,Politics — Chris Chaten @ 3:34 PM

I just wanted to post a quick update to the last post.  Liberals have been skewering Mr. Peterffy, though I think many in this country would be happy to see a candidate (or at least a party) that fits his vision.  Here’s a quote from an article in the WSJ following the election:

“…last night’s results made [Mr. Peterffy] more upset with the ‘extreme right’ for driving away centrist voters.

Mr. Peterffy said he now is considering…creating ‘a political force that is for economic freedom, freedom of choice and pro-environment,’ he said in an email. Issues such as abortion and sexual preference ‘should not be political considerations.'”

Congrats to the Obama campaign on their victory last night.   Ohio may have been ‘bought’ by an auto bail out, but states like Virginia and Florida also stayed blue. The American swing voters were not completely on-board with the bellicose stance taken by the GOP in congress, and the divide-and-conquer strategies of Karl Rove and Grover Norquist were defeated.

Much to learn from this cycle.



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