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August 8, 2013

Crime in Chicago’s 19th District Heat Map (cc @CWBChicago @NBCChicago @AldTomTunney @JamesCappleman)

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An under-the-radar shift is occuring on Chicago’s North Side.  Parts of the Lakeview neighborhood, most notable to visitors as home to Wrigley Field, have recently transformed from one of the cities safes areas to one of the more dangerous. In the past 90 days, beat 1924, which includes the Wrigley Field area, was#1 in all of Chicago for robbery incidents. Here’s a post from a blog covering the issue in depth.

Below is a chart from the blog, showing the marked increase in crime in 2011, and the persistance of that rate through this year.  This rise largely coincides with decreased officer presence due to a precent merger and civic priorities (shifted focues to South & West Sides and Michigan Avenue).1923,1924,1925 Beat CrimeIn order to provide context, I’ve devel0ped a heat map of the entire 19th Ward. The red and green highlights are not good; blue and grey are fairly begnign areas (relative to the hot spots).

I’ve tried to annotate notable landmarks that have been discussed at local community meetings and forums.

19th District Crime Heat Map

Some folks have asked a bit about change over time.  Let’s examine robberies in 2008 and 2012.  The count in 2008 was 532 compared to 546 in 2012 accross the district.  However, gains in the north merely mask the spike in the south. The robberies in the 1924 beat spiked from 49 in 2008 to 119 in 2012 (2013 is already at 70) .  Take a look:

Chicago 19th District Robberies 2008 - 2012

So while the norther part of the district is being cleaned up, the crime is merely moving south.  The Halsted and Belmont crime area is spreading throughout the neighborhood.

For more information on this issue, attend the CAPS meeting tonight:

Thursday, August 8, 2013, 7PM
Illinois Masonic Medical Center
836 W. Wellington (Front desk will direct you to the room)

Follow the blog Crime in Wrigleyville & Boystown for ongoing updates.


Source: City of Chicago

Edit: “Ward” changed to “District” (no effect on data). Added data source URL.

Edit #2: Added 2008 to 20012 analysis


  1. PLEASE hold someone accountable tonight at the CAPS meeting. PLEASE overtake the floor if needed. The bullshit that was given by the commander, Tom Turkey, et al, last night was laughable. I can’t believe a riot hasn’t broken out over these issues. Tonight will be the LAST chance for 30 days to publicly discuss this in any type of meaningful public forum. More people need to speak up and be assertive. If the Alderman told me to shut up while I was speaking, he would regret it. He will not run unopposed in the next election. How dare he stroll into a meeting dressed as he was, munching on popcorn. The very nerve!!!

    I would dearly love to be there tonight but work prevails, I’m afraid.

    Comment by Marc B — August 8, 2013 @ 4:50 PM

  2. Last night’s meeting was a bit more civil and constructive. I think the major learnings are that we don’t have enough manpower, there’s significant smoke around the Halsted area social service groups, and we need to continue to show with #s that crime is an issue (over and above what it used to be, not the 2012 high’s).

    Comment by Chris Chaten — August 9, 2013 @ 10:41 AM

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