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October 8, 2009

Fabric Needed

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I’m looking for a supplier of french terry, 100% pima cotton, roughly 315 gsm. Shoot me your proposals at with your information including time to delivery, sample options, pricing estimate and dying options (garment dye ready, fabric dye, can you do heather? etc.).

September 18, 2009

Developer wanted!

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I am also looking for a web designer with a focus on e-commerce to help build out the site. Email me at with a few sites you’ve done (if you are new, make something up). As you can see, I could use the help.

September 17, 2009

Yup, I twitter

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Follow my personal twitter@ChrisChaten. I promise – it’s not a stream of ads. It’ll just be the rest of my useless thoughts about life, liberty, and the pursuit. I will let you know if I come out with something new, but it’s not the focus.

September 9, 2009


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I am setting out to create a clothing company focused on executing the basics very well. While we are still developing our initial line, the core themes that drive our efforts are:
1. Timeless – The clothes will not go out of style (or in style, for that matter).
2. Quality – Nothing cheap. Everything will be made with care, with great fabrics and workmanship.
3. Honesty – We will not play games or tricks. For example, prices will be round numbers (ex. not $89.95, just $90). No mind games here.
4. Decency – The garments will be made for fair and honest wages. For this reason, Stodgy will be made in the
USA to start. We are focused on making great clothes, not auditing sweatshops or maximizing profit.
I will elaborate more as we get closer to launch. If the above sounds like a product you would buy, send me an email, and I’ll write you when we are getting ready open up shop. Also, I am looking to partner with a brick-and-mortar men’s retailer who is interested in making the jump online.
Chris Chaten
Founder, Stodgy LLC