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February 12, 2013

Things That Are Olympic ‘Sports’ instead of Wrestling #olympicwrestling

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If you haven’t heard, the IOC, possibly the world’s leading corrupt sports organization*, has cut wrestling from the 2020 Summer Games.  Just for comparison, here’s a few that are sticking around:

Ribbon Twirling and Hula Hooping
Walking like you really have to go to the bathroom for 10 kilometers
Water Ballet
Ping Pong
Jumping on Trampolines
Horse dancing


*Just in front of FIFA and the NCAA

November 5, 2012

The Best Political Ad of this Cycle #peterffy

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By now, you have likely seen your fill of political ad, especially those of you residing in swing states like Ohio and Wisconsin.  But I beg you to watch just this one more, because I think it is the model all privately-funded ads should take.  For the moment, please put partisanship aside, and focus on the end of the ad (the ‘this ad was paid for’ part):

Notice anything different about this ad?  Instead of rich guys like the Koch brothers and George Soros hiding behind a PAC, Mr. Peterffy states his position, why he believes it, and puts is name on the by-line.  He’s saying, “Here I am, here’s my thinking, and this is why I think this way.”

This is a lot more real than taking potshots from the cheap seats behind a SuperPac.  You may not agree with Mr. Peterffy, but you have to applaud him standing in front of his message.

Regardless of your position, please vote tomorrow.  It is what makes this country great.  Also, starting……..all orders get $20.12 off with the code ‘ivote’ .


October 16, 2012

So this is why Romney called up Hugh Hefner… #debate2012 #bindersfullofwomen

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October 11, 2012

This Attack Ad Against @RepDold by @Schneider4IL10 Represents the Worst of US Politics

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A local race for Illinois 10th district congress seat is heating up, and the TV ads are stepping up.  Most of what I’ve seen, until today, have been position ads for a candidate.  Today, there were multiple attack ads.

Now, I’m for these, as the records are fair game.  However, Brad Schneider’s ad is a complete farce.  His opponent, incumbent Robert Dold (R), is notable for being a Republican with fairly moderate to progressive social views.  For example, he supports civil unions.

Take a look at what the ad says about Planned Parenthood:*

“They voted to defund Planned Parenthood…”

I’m all for fighting on level ground, but that’s a flat lie. In fact, Dold introduced a bill in May 2012 that would prevent cutting funding to Planned Parenthood.  Dold believes the exact opposite of what Schneider says in the ad.  And you wonder why the parties can’t work together.  They won’t even accept it when they agree!

This ad does more than distort the facts about outsourcing or using creative math about unemployment rates.  It flat lies.  I don’t vote for liars.


*Sorry for the poor quality, couldn’t find an online version.



August 16, 2012

Sony’s Shady Online Pricing #fakesales #sony

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Take a look at this screen shot taken on 8/16 of the Sony webstore for NEX series lenses:

I took the liberty of pointing out a few things that’d be easily overlooked by the casual user.  The lenses on the page all have the prices in grey crossed out and replaced by a large blue ‘bargain’ price.

This style is common on the web (and in brick-and-mortar) when the store wants to highlight a sale price.  It seems Sony liked the idea so much that they decided to do this with every price on their website, including, for some reason, when they have chosen to raise the price.

This doesn’t seem to be occurring on the entire site.  I’m hoping this is an honest glitch that automates style changes after price changes.  However, it seems very shady.