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May 15, 2012

Stodgy is on #Huckberry

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Just a heads up for those of you looking into Stodgy – for the next week or so, Stodgy will be on the website Huckberry at some special prices. Check them out, buy a couple, and you’ll get a great price.



March 28, 2011

Denison wins men’s Division III swimming title. Get your national championship sweatshirt!

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This weekend I had the opportunity to witness the greatest upset in college sports. No, it wasn’t VCU shocking Kansas. It wasn’t even Butler over Florida.  It was at the Division III men’s swimming and diving national championships at the University of Tennessee.

The guys at Denison University (where I went to school and swam) took the title in the closest championship meet ever contested in any division. The 31-time reigning champion, Kenyon College, typically blows away the competition.  Last year was a typical example.  Kenyon outscored number 2 Denison by 400 points.

Off of strong showing from the Denison divers, Denison was up by 9 points heading into the final relay. To secure the win, they had to place 3rd or higher.  As you’ll see in the video below, that was easier said than done.

The guys pulled it out by a mere 0.3 seconds to win the meet 500.5 to 499.5, a 1 point victory.

To celebrate the victory, Stodgy has created Denison national championship sweatshirts. The hoodies sell for $50 + shipping ($100+ is free). All of the net proceeds will be donated back to the Denison swim program.  Just order from the main page of the style and color you want, and use the code “denison” when ordering.*

Current and former men’s team members can order them for $40, and those will have a gold ring on the sleeve. Use the code “one” when ordering.*
Here’s a preview of the grey hoodie:

*1/4 zips are available for $10 more.
*Items will ship in 2 – 4 weeks. Gotta let the ink dry!

March 16, 2011

Stodgy Picks the Winners. Your Sweatshirt Could be Free. #ncaa #stodgymadness #basketball

To celebrate the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, we will be picking winners. If we guess wrong, you get your money back. Here’s how it works:

1. We pick a winner for each weekend.

2. If that team loses in either game, any orders from the time the pick was made through the start of the losing game will be refunded (ex. if you buy at halftime of that game, no dice).

3. If our team wins, we keep all of the money and gloat.

We won’t be picking straight #1 seeds, so if you think our chosen one will take a fall, it’s probably a good time to buy.

Stay tuned for our first pick.


February 1, 2011

2 Ft. of Snow? It’s a Stodgy Day, and the Perfect Occasion for Our First “Sale” #SNOMG

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I hope every one in the Midwest is getting home soon.  The snow here in Chicago is starting to come down, with some forecasts predicting it won’t end, ever.

These are the days I like to throw on a Stodgy hoodie, work from home, and hunker down.  To honor this event, we are holding our first “sale” of sorts.

But, we don’t really like sales, so there will be a bit of work involved. In order to get the 25% snow day discount, you have to guess the coupon code.  You should be able to figure it out using context clues, as your 5th grade teacher would put it.  Just enter it at checkout, and you’ll get 25% off your entire order if you guess correctly.  I’m not telling the code to anyone, so it’s fair game.*

I also hate it when something I just bought goes on sale, so if anyone guesses the code, everyone who bought a Stodgy in the past 14 days will be given the 25% this discount automatically.

The discount code will be active until sometime on Sunday 2/6.

Happy shoveling.


*There’s a high likelihood that no one will guess it, and we’ll get to run our first “sale” again!

January 21, 2011

Allen Edmonds Releasing Line of Golf Shoes

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Even though it’s below 0 in Chicago today, golf season is approaching.*   Wisconsin shoe company Allen Edmonds is releasing a new line of golf shoes which will begin shipping on March 15.

They are making 4 models, each offered in at least 2 color schemes.  The Redan is a pretty standard saddle shoe. The 1 Up and Double Eagle are slightly different takes on a wingtip, with the former having a nylon mesh compose part of the upper.  The Mullen blucher is very similar to their Stockbridge model of dress shoe.

Each shoe runs $345.


*I’ve escaped to San Francisco for the week, where the current temperature is 65.