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December 5, 2020

Conscious Discipline Agreements

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Conscious discipline has a very different approach to discipline than we may have experienced in our own childhood. Deliberate discipline is more a matter of bonding than punishment. When we think of how parents have traditionally reacted to great emotions felt and shown by children, we can remember reactions ranging from rejection to anger to minimizing emotions and worries. Making obligations and following them is built autonomously and bathes the body neurologically in wellness chemicals. These chemicals help attract attention and achieve goals. Commitments help us to be deliberately targeted by unconscious stimuli. Conscious Discipline is an evidence-based and traumatic approach. It is considered one of the best socio-emotional programs available for both schools and parents. Heather Wallace, coach and mentor of positive parenting, explains: “Conscious Discipline is a socio-emotional program that teaches children to regulate and manage emotions to make safe and healthy decisions. But the focus is FIRST on parents.┬áIn other words, to best help our children with a conscious disciplinary approach, we must first do the work on ourselves and our own emotions. Our school is a school of conscious discipline. Conscious Discipline is an evidence-based self-regulation program that integrates social and emotional learning and discipline.

The program developed by Dr. Becky A. Bailey allows adults to consciously respond to daily conflicts and turn it into an opportunity to teach children critical life skills. Conscious discipline serves both our classroom management philosophy and the basis of our social/emotional curriculum. “Dr. Becky Bailey, author, educator and creator of Conscious Discipline, discusses how we need to rethink parental discipline and control ourselves before we deal with our child`s behaviour. We need to rethink how we were educated to think about discipline as punishment, about discipline as an opportunity to teach skills shortages. Parents use the tools to take control of their emotions and anger, and download that peace of mind to their child.

The skills that conscious discipline provides ensure that the child stays connected to the parent while the parent teaches and directs the child. With the support and structures of conscious discipline on site, our staff and students feel a strong sense of belonging to the school family.

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