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December 7, 2020

Eduserv Microsoft Agreement

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Your responsibilities under this agreement will remain unchanged if you sign an agreement directly with Microsoft. They are not co-responsible for the actions of other sites. For more information on Eduserv, see or contact us: Ian Cook, Director of Operations at Manchester Metropolitan University, added: “The new agreement will bring immediate financial benefits to institutions that employ less than 3,000 people. In the case of my own institution, we will have significant savings that can be reinvested elsewhere. The exact savings depend on the dealer and the institution that chooses the institution, but Eduserv estimated that the agreement could save higher education (HE) schools about $1 million in royalties over the three years of the agreement. This is a chest agreement that is available for universities, universities and higher education institutions for continuing education. This agreement provides advanced analytical software for teaching and academic research. This software consists of a STANDARD SAS® Education Analytic Suite package with commonly used SAS® products. It is also possible to license additional individual products from SAS EsSAs Advanced Analytics Group and the Business Intelligence Technologies Group. Stephen Butcher, CEO of Eduserv, said: “The aggregation of demand for Microsoft products through this agreement will result in a savings of $1 million for HE institutes alone.” This is a three-year contract that runs from November 1, 2017 to December 31, 2020. No matter when you sign up for the contract, your contract expires for one or three years. The advantage of choosing the three-year option is that prices are set for the three years.

As part of the National Framework for Software Resellers, Chest has entered into a contract with resellers so that the entire community can enjoy the benefits of the aggregate purchase. Resellers under the agreement and details of their prices and value-added services are available in the Resellers tab. Previously, Microsoft offered discounts for educational institutions of more than 3,000 people, or about 20 across the UK. The new three-year contract means that up to 650 higher and continuous courses can enroll in the Microsoft Campus pricing system. If you want to benefit from this agreement, choose your option and send an order and email the documents below to Chest Help. Universities and higher education institutions will benefit from lower prices for Microsoft products as a result of an agreement with the non-profit IT services group Eduserv. As part of the agreement, Microsoft and Eduserv set up a portal to bring together the software giant`s educational customers. “Microsoft will get strong feedback from what`s going well or not so well,” Walker said.

Geoff Connell, CIO, London Borough of Newham and Chairman of the Shared Learning Group, said: “To our knowledge, this is the first implementation of information cards in the public sector. However, recent security violations have highlighted the need to strengthen IT security within government organizations. The use of information cards facilitates the secure exchange of information for the group. In addition to additional security, Eduserv technology saves us valuable time and administrative resources. As Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust has improved the reliability of a major website (pdf) One of the UK`s largest hospital trusts has seamlessly migrated into the cloud. The rest of the publication and, of course, the link with Microsoft. With the Select Plus agreement, you can purchase indeterminate licenses for known microsoft desktop products, in addition to server software such as SQL Server, SharePoint, Exchange and… “The world`s first large-scale use of public sector information cards”[1] “This has combined demand in universities and higher education institutions, the smallest institutions, to get the best discount,” said Peter Walker, Marketing Director of Eduserv.

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