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December 11, 2020

Kvm User Agreement

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Storware software (hereafter referred to as “software”), a work and computer program within the meaning of the Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act of February 4, 1994, is protected by copyright, international copyright conventions and other international laws and conventions protecting intellectual property rights. All rights to the software are due exclusively to the licensee and are not subject to third-party rights. The software is intended to create backup, archiving, reproduction and data sharing copies. The SFUG (Security Features User Guide) or an equivalent document describes the user`s security responsibility, including site requirements. This gives the user a single reference source for initial indoctrination and for further verification. The distribution of SFUG reduces security vulnerabilities resulting from the user`s lack of knowledge of the policies or procedures required by the site. If you keep this document up to date, the user will have the current policies and procedures. IsSO manages and distributes to users an SFUG or equivalent document describing the correct use of the switch and the user`s responsibilities. Develop a user agreement, have each user agreement signed to each user of KVM or A/B switches, and keep the signed agreement in the file. The longer the time between the password changes, the more likely it is that the password will be compromised.

A compromised password can allow a malicious user to change the configuration of the KVM switch, creating a denial of service or a risk to confidential data. IsSO ensures that the KVM switch is configured to force the configuration password to change every 90 days, or there is a policy and procedure to change the configuration password every 90 days. A signed user agreement is proof that the user has been informed of its security liability when using an A/B switch. The ISSO will maintain written user agreements for all users authorized to use an A/B switch. For all disputes arising from this agreement, it is agreed to be the registered country of origin KVM-CONHEAT A/S. Danish law is applicable to adjudicate disputes between parties. To the extent that one or more provisions of these Terms of Delivery are invalid, illegal or unenforceable, none of the other provisions impair your validity, legality or feasibility. Agreements that deviate from these rules are only valid if they are confirmed in writing by KVM-CONHEAT A/S.

The use of common group or user IDENTIFIANTs makes it impossible to assign an action to the original user. In the event of malicious action, this could make it impossible to prosecute. ISSO ensures that shared group or user identifiers are not used. All devices that are not connected to a keyboard, video monitor or mouse connected to a KVM switch should be used regardless of the current configuration of the KVM switch. This peripheral device may contain persistent memories that can be used to move data between the classification levels of the member STATE, which affects either the displaced data and the IS in which the data was moved.

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